Sir Henry Galway - FounderThe club, together with the course, was founded by Sir Henry Lionel Galway in 1903. He was the island’s Governor appointed in 1902, but only arrived in February of 1903, so we can see that he was so keen to make a name for himself that virtually the first thing he did after he took office was to have the golf course built in Longwood “for people on St.Helena to enjoy the sport”.

Galway was born in 1859 in Southampton into a military family, and before taking up diplomatic posts, he served as a commissioned soldier himself, rising to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his part in the destruction of the tiny African country of Benin. The St.Helena governorship was his first post after he retired from the army.
Though he reputedly re-introduced capital punishment on St.Helena, he tried hard to improve the educational standard of the citizenry, and Philip Gosse refers to him as one who was to prove to be of the best Governors St.Helena ever had.

Before the end of his term as Governor in 1911, he was appointed KCMG (Knight Commander of the Order of St.Michael and St.George). With a brief stint as Governor of Gambia, he was appointed Governor of South Australia in 1914, but his time there was very controversial.
He returned to England in 1920 and died in 1949.

The St.Helena Golf Club has existed ever since its inception with annual membership fees that are always well within the means of the average Saint. The founding of the club in 1903 by Sir Henry is commemorated annually with a 36-hole strokeplay competition, the Sir Henry Galway Cup.